Workplace Injuries May Be More Severe For Older Workers
If an older worker believes that he or she is not being treated fairly with respect to a workers’ compensation issue, seek a consultation with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.
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There has been a substantial increase in the percentage of workers in the national workforce, including in California, who are 65 years or older. One in every five American workers is over 65, according to a national study. The workplace injuries that occur for these older workers are likely to be more severe and even … READ MORE
In California, degloving injuries to workers are most often seen in industrial settings. One relatively common incident is the degloving of a hand and/or forearm when the upper extremity is caught in a machine that is not guarded by appropriate protective devices. A work accident of that kind can cause serious and debilitating injury to … READ MORE
A growing workforce, especially in the construction industry, may suggest that workers’ compensation claims may increase. After all, construction is not the safest job in the world, despite rules and regulations designed to protect employees. With that, it should not be surprising that California, unlike other states, saw an increase in workers’ comp claims. According … READ MORE
Wearable technology was a popular gift idea during the holidays for a reason. Whether it is a Garmin watch, a Fitbit tracker or even an iWatch, the ability for people to track their activity levels, heart beats and calorie exertion is poised to change the way people take care of themselves after suffering an injury. … READ MORE