Could Doctors Be Over-Prescribing Medicines For Injured Workers?
For an injured worker, consult with an attorney to get advice on how a worker can return to work without the need or benefit of dangerous drugs.
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The primary purpose of workers’ compensation is to help injured workers make ends meet while they recover from injuries stemming from on-the-job accidents. In most cases, this includes the payment of funds to offset a worker’s losses caused by the inability to earn an income. Additionally, they may receive medical or rehabilitative services to help … READ MORE
It’s been a few years since we last heard the catchphrase “there’s an app for that.” It is likely because so many apps have been created in the years since the first Iphone was introduced that there is literally a smartphone app for everything. After all, who knew that apps for Uber and Ibotta would … READ MORE
Under California law, the workers’ compensation code is essentially the exclusive way for injured workers to seek damages against an employer for injuries suffered in the course of one’s employment. Indeed, there are limited exceptions that allow injured workers to brink negligence claims against employers, but there are a number of instances where employers attempt … READ MORE