New Disclosure Guidelines To Affect Federal Contractors
A federal contract benefits a growing contractor. If federal contractors are not aware of new guidelines can affect your application, an experienced attorney can advise you.
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A federal contract can be a benefit to a growing contractor. Indeed, being awarded such a contract can be a complicated process, but federal regulations are ostensibly in place to ensure that taxpayer money is spent wisely. As such, prospective federal contractors will have to be aware of new guidelines regarding the reporting of labor … READ MORE
A number of our posts have focused on the workplace dangers that construction workers, factory workers and manufacturing employees face, as well as the various injuries that can (and should be) compensated. However, we should not ignore the plight of over-the-road truck drivers. After all, with the economy improving, there are inherently more trucks on … READ MORE
While claims for workers’ compensation benefits tend to center on physical injuries, it is not uncommon for emotional injuries to form the basis of such claims. The story of a firefighter who witnessed his friend’s death in a fire exemplifies this notion. The firefighter responded to a distress call in March 2010. He was in … READ MORE
In a prior post, we highlighted how retailer Pier 1 Imports was cited for multiple safety violations, including having merchandise stacked in an unsafe manner, as well as having boxes blocking emergency exits. Not only could these hazards lead to patrons’ injuries, they could very well result in employees being injured. Indeed, Pier 1 is … READ MORE
Collaborative strategies can reduce risk
3 Aug 2016 | William J. Kropach
We have written a great deal about the culture of fear that many employees subscribe to; even if it means to forego workers’ compensation benefits, or to return to work without proper rest and rehabilitation. While this culture fosters dangerous workplace conditions, there are a few employers who are working towards changing it. According to … READ MORE
Fans of professional wrestling may not question whether (or how much) the blows or falls wrestlers sustain may actually hurt. After all, the action inside (and sometimes outside) the ring is supposed to be pure entertainment. However, like all action stunts, injuries may occur. The famous World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) is not immune to … READ MORE