Am I Eligible For Work' Comp Benefits Due To My Injury?
Every case is different; it is worth consulting with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to get fully compensated for your damages and losses.
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One of the most contested, and sometimes confusing, questions about workers’ compensation is when an injury is actually considered a “workplace injury.” As a matter of law in California, all employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, which is supposed injured workers recover lost wages and other benefits to make ends meet while they … READ MORE
How employers can prevent workplace accidents
9 Sep 2016 | William J. Kropach
The saying “an ounce of protection means a pound of cure” should be more than just an inspirational safety adage. It should be the blueprint for how employers work to prevent injuries and accidents involving employees. After all, fatal accidents in the workplace are commonly caused by falls or foreign objects striking workers. Further, workers … READ MORE