Falls Are Often The Cause Of Construction Workers' Accidents
Workers get injured by motorists or other roadway accidents in the transportation industry, for more information regarding workers’ compensation consulting the Law Offices of William J. Kropach.
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Injuries on the job are certainly not unheard of in the construction industry. One common cause of construction workers’ accidents is injury resulting from a fall. Whether caused by precarious locations or faulty equipment, these types of injuries can be serious. A worker has recently become the third employee injured within three months at the … READ MORE
Most people think of construction sites or factories when they hear of workers being injured on the job. However, workplace accidents are not uncommon in other professional fields in California and across the country as well. Instead of suffering from falls or injuries from heavy machinery, workers in the transportation industry may be injured by … READ MORE
Even when precautions are taken, accidents may happen at construction sites. Serious injuries often accompany these types of accidents, leading many workers in California and across the country to file for workers’ compensation claims. One worker may file after a trench collapse. Officials stated that the accident happened in a pipe ditch at a construction … READ MORE
When California workers are fatally injured on the job, their families may face an unexpected financial burden in addition to the emotional toil they will likely experience. Many in this situation may not know where to turn. Luckily, those who have lost family members due to workplace injuries may be able to file workers’ compensation … READ MORE
Many people think that truck drivers have a low-risk job. The truth is, truck drivers face serious risks while performing their duties to keep materials and goods moving around this country. Typically, when commercial trucks get into collisions, the people in the other vehicle are more likely to die or get injured. However, roughly 24 … READ MORE
Back injuries can end your nursing career
5 Jul 2017 | William J. Kropach
It’s long been recognized that nurses face serious trauma in the workplace if they cannot perform their jobs safely. Nurses work with patients every day, and the strain on their bodies and minds is great. There are many patient-handling tasks that nurses perform. These tasks involve lifting, transferring and moving patients. Over time, these seemingly … READ MORE
When accidents happen on the job, employees may suffer serious injuries. This is particularly true in the construction industry. California construction workers’ accidents may occur for a number of reasons, but when injuries coincide with them, employees may choose to file workers’ compensation claims. A worker in another state may consider filing after getting hurt … READ MORE