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Workers' Compensation Archives

Injured employees could benefit from workers' compensation

There are many ways California employees could find themselves injured on the job. Whether from falls, malfunctioning equipment or other factors, these injuries can cause serious problems for employees. When this occurs, workers may consider filing workers' compensation claims to assist them throughout recovery. Two employees in another state may file claims after they were recently injured while working on a waterline.

Workers' compensation could help construction workers

Whether working high off the ground or working with heavy machinery, construction work in California can be hazardous. Sometimes, even seemingly trivial accidents can lead to serious injury. Two construction workers and the family of another worker may consider filing workers' compensation claims after a recent accident in which the workers were electrocuted.

Am I eligible for work' comp benefits due to my injury?

One of the most contested, and sometimes confusing, questions about workers' compensation is when an injury is actually considered a "workplace injury." As a matter of law in California, all employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance, which is supposed injured workers recover lost wages and other benefits to make ends meet while they are unable to work.

New disclosure guidelines to affect federal contractors

A federal contract can be a benefit to a growing contractor. Indeed, being awarded such a contract can be a complicated process, but federal regulations are ostensibly in place to ensure that taxpayer money is spent wisely. As such, prospective federal contractors will have to be aware of new guidelines regarding the reporting of labor law violations.

Truckers should be aware of their workers' compensation rights

A number of our posts have focused on the workplace dangers that construction workers, factory workers and manufacturing employees face, as well as the various injuries that can (and should be) compensated. However, we should not ignore the plight of over-the-road truck drivers.

Workers with PTSD eligible for workers' compensation benefts

While claims for workers' compensation benefits tend to center on physical injuries, it is not uncommon for emotional injuries to form the basis of such claims.  The story of a firefighter who witnessed his friend's death in a fire exemplifies this notion.

The most common injuries in workers' comp claims

If you are thinking about filing a workers' compensation claim work your workplace injury but are concerned that your ailment is not severe enough, you may not be alone. Indeed, you don't always need to have severe, debilitating injuries in order to seek compensation. After all, if you are unable to work, you should be able to seek compensation.

Key questions to ask when interviewing work comp attorneys

In a perfect world, an employer would provide continual pay and benefits to an injured worker and continue to do so while the employee recovers. For those workers who are seriously injured, an employer would continue provide benefits and even would allow the worker to perform other, less physically intense jobs that suit their new reality.

Bill to tax opioid based painkillers introduced in the Senate

In a prior post, we highlighted the trend of injured workers becoming addicted to painkilling drugs and using illegal drugs in conjunction with them. This indeed is a dangerous trend affecting workers, and new legislation is being developed to curtail abuse.

Could high heels lead to a workers' comp claim?

Those who are fans of Anne Hathaway movies remember the scene in "The Devil Wears Prada" where Hathaway's character is opposed to don some Italian leather slingback pumps until she is coerced into doing so. In fact, there are many businesses where women are encouraged to wear high heels in order to maintain the motif of a particular establishment.

What Our Clients Say
  1. My injury and subsequent WC case was one of the most difficult times in my life, and I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy. Throughout the entire ordeal though, Mr. Kropach and Ms. Shibata stood by my side, providing me amazing support.

    - Wpark
  2. I was in a very serious accident in early 2000 and found that Attorney Kropach and his Staff especially his paralegal Jill paid close attention to my case and no matter how many questions I asked they always had time to explain in layman's language what I needed to know.

    - Janice Ann
  3. I have been lucky to have William Kropach handle two different workers' compensation cases in the last several years that exceeded all of my expectations.

    - Arabella
  4. I hired Mr. Kropach years ago due to the fact that he was head of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association. After the insurance company denied my claim I thought my case was over but my attorney fought the insurance company all the way to the appellate court and WON.

    - Workers’ Compensation Client
  5. I hired Mr. Kropach years ago due to the fact that he was head of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association. After the insurance company denied my claim I thought my case was over but my attorney fought the insurance company all the way to the appellate court and WON.

    - Workers’ Compensation Client
  6. I have a 18 year old work-comp case. Mr. Kropach never gave up or settled for anything less. He kept fighting for my rights to win. He realized I was in the right and He never once asked me to just give up.I won my case 100 %

    - Edward
  7. I have known Bill for over 25 years. He is personable and very knowledgeable in the area of Workers Comp. My experience during this very stressful time has been excellent. His staff is courteous and efficient and always kept me up to date with my case.

    - Donna
  8. I hired Mr. Kropach for my workers compensation claim about 3 years ago. I was suffering severe pain on my elbow as a result of my job. Mr. Kropach was superb in helping me settle this case.

    - Dax
  9. Bill treated me with care, individuality, and really examined my case carefully. I was immediately impressed with his track record and his dedication to voluntary unpaid community services.

    - Brad
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