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Workplace Accidents Archives

California workplace accidents: Dock workers injured in spill

Injuries on the job can cause serious problems for workers. Though most might think of the construction industry when such an accident happens, workplace accidents can occur in many different fields. Several California dock workers were hurt in a recent accident involving a chemical spill.

Crashes often cause of workplace accidents in transportation work

Most people think of construction sites or factories when they hear of workers being injured on the job. However, workplace accidents are not uncommon in other professional fields in California and across the country as well. Instead of suffering from falls or injuries from heavy machinery, workers in the transportation industry may be injured by motorists or other roadway accidents. A worker in another state was recently hurt in one such incident.

Teens can suffer after workplace accidents in California

A first job can be an exciting event for teens in California and elsewhere across the country. Kids can start to work as early as fourteen or fifteen years of age in many cases. The types of work that they are allowed to do may vary according to their age, but the fact that teens are more likely to suffer workplace accidents remains steady while a person is under the age of 25.

Workplace accidents may cause severe injuries

Even with the safety measures employers have in place to prevent accidents, injuries still occur in the construction industry. Whether caused by unforeseen circumstances or simple mistakes, workplace accidents can lead to serious injuries for those involved. One California construction worker recently suffered injuries caused by a fire that broke out while he and his crew were working.

Workplace accidents in California can lead to serious injuries

In spite of the many safety precautions created for construction work, injuries still occur frequently in California and across the country. Those who suffer from workplace accidents may consider filing workers' compensation claims as a means to deal with the aftermath of such injuries. Two workers are likely looking into their options after suffering injuries while doing electrical work.

Dollar General cited again for workplace safety violations

In a prior post, we highlighted how retailer Pier 1 Imports was cited for multiple safety violations, including having merchandise stacked in an unsafe manner, as well as having boxes blocking emergency exits. Not only could these hazards lead to patrons' injuries, they could very well result in employees being injured.

Collaborative strategies can reduce risk

We have written a great deal about the culture of fear that many employees subscribe to; even if it means to forego workers’ compensation benefits, or to return to work without proper rest and rehabilitation. While this culture fosters dangerous workplace conditions, there are a few employers who are working towards changing it.

Tensions over new OSHA reporting rules reach Capitol Hill

It's not common that we highlight political matters on this blog, but the looming effective date of the new OSHA electronic reporting requirements have stakeholders jockeying for position before Congress. As we noted in a prior post, new rules taking effect on January 1, 2017 will require employers to report severe injuries and hospitalizations electronically.

What Our Clients Say
  1. My injury and subsequent WC case was one of the most difficult times in my life, and I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy. Throughout the entire ordeal though, Mr. Kropach and Ms. Shibata stood by my side, providing me amazing support.

    - Wpark
  2. I was in a very serious accident in early 2000 and found that Attorney Kropach and his Staff especially his paralegal Jill paid close attention to my case and no matter how many questions I asked they always had time to explain in layman's language what I needed to know.

    - Janice Ann
  3. I have been lucky to have William Kropach handle two different workers' compensation cases in the last several years that exceeded all of my expectations.

    - Arabella
  4. I hired Mr. Kropach years ago due to the fact that he was head of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association. After the insurance company denied my claim I thought my case was over but my attorney fought the insurance company all the way to the appellate court and WON.

    - Workers’ Compensation Client
  5. I hired Mr. Kropach years ago due to the fact that he was head of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association. After the insurance company denied my claim I thought my case was over but my attorney fought the insurance company all the way to the appellate court and WON.

    - Workers’ Compensation Client
  6. I have a 18 year old work-comp case. Mr. Kropach never gave up or settled for anything less. He kept fighting for my rights to win. He realized I was in the right and He never once asked me to just give up.I won my case 100 %

    - Edward
  7. I have known Bill for over 25 years. He is personable and very knowledgeable in the area of Workers Comp. My experience during this very stressful time has been excellent. His staff is courteous and efficient and always kept me up to date with my case.

    - Donna
  8. I hired Mr. Kropach for my workers compensation claim about 3 years ago. I was suffering severe pain on my elbow as a result of my job. Mr. Kropach was superb in helping me settle this case.

    - Dax
  9. Bill treated me with care, individuality, and really examined my case carefully. I was immediately impressed with his track record and his dedication to voluntary unpaid community services.

    - Brad
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