What Employees Need to Know About Work Restrictions After an On-the-Job Injury
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Work restrictions are the limitations that a doctor places upon you because of your work injury. You may not be able to push, pull, or lift objections above a specific weight, for example. Some injured workers have to alternate between sitting and standing every so often. Others may need to confine their work to a … READ MORE
The rates of illnesses and on-the-job injuries have declined over the past 13 years. However, that decline has not occurred evenly across every industry in California. Instead, many industries still remain high for the relative number of accidents and injuries that occur. If you fall into any of these industries and have been hurt at … READ MORE
Contrary to the popular belief, you may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits even for injuries that occur outside of the workplace and outside of the regular business hours. Your workers’ compensation coverage does not clock out when you clock out at the end of the working day. Workers’ comp benefits are awarded to … READ MORE
If you want to seek workers compensation for your work-related physical or stress-related injury, the question, “Does my employer even have workers comp insurance?” has probably crossed your mind once or twice. This is a good question to ask yourself and a Los Angeles stress related injuries attorney, who would perform a background check on your employer … READ MORE
It looks like the problem of injured workers not being able to recover workers compensation benefits due to being classified as “independent contractors” is fading away. A recent ruling by the California Supreme Court has made it more difficult for employers to classify their workers as “independent contractors,” which is a common practice adopted by … READ MORE
An orthopedic injury is one of the most common bases for a workers’ compensation claim in Los Angeles and all across California. That is because such orthopedic injuries as tendon and ligament injuries are caused by bad posture, overuse, repetitive movements, and excess force, all of which can be encountered in a worker’s everyday work … READ MORE
“What do I say when an investigator contacts me to investigate my workers’ compensation claim?” You may be surprised how many times our workers compensation lawyer in Los Angeles has heard this question. And it is a good thing that people ask this question, as speaking to an investigator without having a clear plan and/or … READ MORE
If you have been injured at work and are pursuing a workers’ compensation claim, you have probably heard about the Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE). The term itself may sound frightening, but there is actually nothing frightening or intimidating about it. In fact, going through the FCE is required to get access to Injured Worker’s Permanent … READ MORE
This question arises frequently in Los Angeles and all across California, as it is not uncommon for California residents to work two jobs at once. Moreover, workers who have been injured on the job and are collecting workers’ compensation often find employment somewhere else just to keep themselves occupied or earn a living while receiving … READ MORE
Did you know that you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you suffered psychiatric or stress-related injuries caused by a violent event at work? What is considered a “violent event” under California’s workers’ compensation laws? And how a psychiatric injury that is caused by a violent event is different from any other psychiatric … READ MORE