166 Medical Providers Suspended in Los Angeles Due to Workers’ Comp Fraud: How to Not Become a Victim of This Fraud
Dozens of thousands of workers have become victims of fraud and other criminal actions on the part of medical providers in the past decade.
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In its latest maneuver to ban fraudulent medical providers from operating in California and providing workers with improper or illegal workers’ compensation, the state has recently suspended seven more providers. The total number of medical providers suspended on suspicion of fraud has now reached close to 170. Workers’ compensation fraud is not something new or … READ MORE
Let’s face it, no matter how much you like or get along with your boss, he is not your friend. Far from being your confidant or best buddy. It is actually the opposite, and you better set some boundaries because the werewolf is coming after you. Your boss is the inappropriate person to vent or … READ MORE
Employers Must Accommodate Disabled Employees
18 Jan 2018 | William J. Kropach
We live in an era of self-centered employers who see their employees like numbers on a piece paper.  But when it comes to disability, the numbers need to match. Employers are required to make reasonable accommodations for workers with disabilities. This is a reality since 1990, when the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed. … READ MORE
Coping in the Aftermath of a Wrongful Death
12 Jan 2018 | William J. Kropach
The unexpected death of a loved one can bring much pain and trauma to the victim’s family. The emotional and financial impact of a wrongful death can impact these families for many years unless they hire adequate legal representation from a well-versed Encino wrongful death claim attorney. While it is true you can’t bring back … READ MORE
Common problems with workers’ comp claims
11 Jan 2018 | William J. Kropach
Oftentimes, insurance companies deny workers’ comp claims, even if they are valid. If you have been denied your workers’ comp benefits, don’t give up. Hire an experienced Encino workers’ comp attorney to pursue your case. It is possible that you are still entitled to workers’ comp benefits. Correcting mistakes on claims Sometimes applicants make mistakes … READ MORE
Unfortunately, tragedies at work happen. Workers get killed while performing their duties, while their surviving family members have to endure emotional distress and financial burden that comes along with a job-related death. And even though no money in the world can bring back your loved one, seeking death benefits from the deceased’s employer is vital … READ MORE
If you’re planning to go to your employer’s office and seek workers’ compensation for your on-the-job and job-related injuries, stop right there! Are you certain that your injuries are actually covered by workers’ compensation? You may think that workers’ comp laws cover all medical bills, rehabilitation, and recovery expenses, but that’s simply not true. Today, … READ MORE
The holidays mark the busiest shopping season of the year, with FedEx and other delivery services companies struggling to ship out and deliver millions of packages and Christmas gifts across the U.S. in a timely manner. Guess who have to break their backs (literally) to handle all those huge amounts of holiday orders? Delivery guys … READ MORE
We usually plan for the holiday season way in advance. In fact, some of us even start planning for Christmas the second they finish their Thanksgiving feast. While planning in advance is key to staying organized, not overspending and getting the best Christmas deals out there, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Here’s the thing: … READ MORE
Steps To Take When Injured at Work
22 Dec 2017 | William J. Kropach
Although workplace accidents are very common, work-related injuries are very difficult to deal with. Some of them require costly ongoing treatment and taking time off work. Even employees taking safety precautions are sometimes exposed to dangerous circumstances where an accident can occur anytime. Unfortunately, some employers don’t respond to these circumstances as they should leaving … READ MORE