Construction Workers' Accidents May Lead To Serious Injuries
Any employees suffering from construction workers’ accidents could consult experienced California attorneys to learn more about filing claims.
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When accidents happen on the job, employees may suffer serious injuries. This is particularly true in the construction industry. California construction workers’ accidents may occur for a number of reasons, but when injuries coincide with them, employees may choose to file workers’ compensation claims. A worker in another state may consider filing after getting hurt … READ MORE
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California employees working in construction know that their jobs could be dangerous. Accidents in this industry can easily lead to serious injuries for those involved. One worker in another state was recently injured after the trench he was in collapsed. Authorities reported that the man was working with his team to connect to a main … READ MORE
Workers who fall at work are at risk of very serious injuries, especially when the fall is from an elevated area. One of the possible injuries that might occur is a head injury, of which there are several types. One thing that is universal for all of these head injuries is that injured workers can … READ MORE
Workplace accidents may cause severe injuries
11 Jun 2017 | William J. Kropach
Even with the safety measures employers have in place to prevent accidents, injuries still occur in the construction industry. Whether caused by unforeseen circumstances or simple mistakes, workplace accidents can lead to serious injuries for those involved. One California construction worker recently suffered injuries caused by a fire that broke out while he and his … READ MORE
There are many ways California employees could find themselves injured on the job. Whether from falls, malfunctioning equipment or other factors, these injuries can cause serious problems for employees. When this occurs, workers may consider filing workers compensation claims to assist them throughout recovery. Two employees in another state may file claims after they were … READ MORE
Those who work in construction frequently face hazards on the job. Falls are a common cause of construction workers’ accidents and can lead to many types of injuries. California workers who suffer injuries in this way may consider filing workers’ compensation claims for financial relief. A worker in another state was recently injured in one … READ MORE
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In spite of the many safety precautions created for construction work, injuries still occur frequently in California and across the country. Those who suffer from workplace accidents may consider filing workers’ compensation claims as a means to deal with the aftermath of such injuries. Two workers are likely looking into their options after suffering injuries … READ MORE
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