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If your loved one died on the job then contact a Los Angeles death claim attorney William Kropach will help speed the process of the death claim as well as ensure its success.
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Death Claims 101
3 May 2019 | William J. Kropach
People grossly underestimate the power of a trade job. There has been a nasty trend in America where people who seek trade jobs or community college education are not seen as “smart” as those who get four-year jobs or who land office jobs. It seems the safer the job the more respect someone gets. The … READ MORE
What Really Happens To Restaurant Workers
27 Apr 2019 | William J. Kropach
Have you ever gone out to dinner with our friends and family? Of course, you have. More importantly, have you ever eaten a meal that was just so delightful you replay the night over and over again? Magical moments like this do not happen often, but when they do it is truly memorable. However, while … READ MORE
Top 5 Jobs With The Most On The Job Injuries
26 Apr 2019 | William J. Kropach
From an early age, we prepare our youth for the working world. As soon as they are able to talk we start to ask questions like what do you want to be when you grow up? Do we review these answers with praise or more questions like what makes you want to do that? Parents … READ MORE
Two Kinds Of Stress Related Injury
20 Apr 2019 | William J. Kropach
Have you had tension headaches from computer screens? Have you ever felt that panicked feeling of not getting to work on time or finishing everything on your list? There is nothing wrong with worry about doing a good job at work. However, there are times when the worry is so consuming that it turns into … READ MORE
Work Deaths Increasing Over Years
19 Apr 2019 | William J. Kropach
There is a topic that most people don’t like to talk about and that is death. People don’t like to think about losing their loved ones. The thought brings some to tears and others simply just walk away from the conversation. Losing someone is human, but it is emotionally heart wrenching. Losing someone due to … READ MORE
5 Things To Know About Worker’s Compensation
13 Apr 2019 | William J. Kropach
Every day we get up and go to work. Some get up more than once because they have multiple jobs. People get up for work because they want to feed their families. People get up for work because they want to make sure that their children have a better life than they had growing up. … READ MORE
Declining Workers’ Compensation Reform
12 Apr 2019 | William J. Kropach
There is little you can do for your family when you are injured at work. An injury prevents you from functioning normally. Not only is your job negatively affected, but your family and private life are also affected negatively. It is a complete shift in lifestyle from working every day to having to take time … READ MORE
Two-Year Caps on Workers’ Compensation
6 Apr 2019 | William J. Kropach
No matter what kind of job you have there is bound to be some risk. If you are on your feet all day then you run the risk of lower back pain. If you are lifting and using your upper body a lot, you are at risk for mid or upper back or shoulder pain. … READ MORE
One of the most common worker’s compensation claims in today’s workforce results when the nature of one’s work causes degenerative disc disease. Lifting and bending repeatedly and injuries to the neck and back can lead to this all-too-common condition. Worker’s compensation benefits and medical care are available to workers who can prove that their job … READ MORE
When you’re injured, one of the biggest worries you likely have is how you will pay your bills. And if you qualify for worker’s compensation, you may wonder how long you can receive benefits, since these benefits will really be your “bread and butter” until you are able to work again. You may also wonder … READ MORE