Injured Employees Could Benefit From Workers' Compensation
Injured from falls, malfunctioning equipment or other factors, these injuries can cause serious problems for employees. Consider filing workers’ compensation claims with the help of workers’ compensation attorneys.
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There are many ways California employees could find themselves injured on the job. Whether from falls, malfunctioning equipment or other factors, these injuries can cause serious problems for employees. When this occurs, workers may consider filing workers compensation claims to assist them throughout recovery. Two employees in another state may file claims after they were … READ MORE
Those who work in construction frequently face hazards on the job. Falls are a common cause of construction workers’ accidents and can lead to many types of injuries. California workers who suffer injuries in this way may consider filing workers’ compensation claims for financial relief. A worker in another state was recently injured in one … READ MORE
Often, when people hear that someone was injured at work, they picture a job related to construction or another form of physical labor. However, serious injuries can occur while performing a number of other professions as well. One California kitchen worker was recently severely injured while on the job. The employee worked in the cafe … READ MORE
In spite of the many safety precautions created for construction work, injuries still occur frequently in California and across the country. Those who suffer from workplace accidents may consider filing workers’ compensation claims as a means to deal with the aftermath of such injuries. Two workers are likely looking into their options after suffering injuries … READ MORE
People who work in restaurants usually count on being able to work every shift so that they can make the money they need to earn. When restaurant workers are injured on the job, they have to scramble to make ends meet. There are some specific safety issues that restaurant workers face. Employers need to ensure … READ MORE
Whether working high off the ground or working with heavy machinery, construction work in California can be hazardous. Sometimes, even seemingly trivial accidents can lead to serious injury. Two construction workers and the family of another worker may consider filing workers compensation claims after a recent accident in which the workers were electrocuted. The three … READ MORE
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Working in construction puts people in some dangerous situations. Construction workers work high off the ground, with heavy machinery and sometimes without a stable foundation beneath them. To account for these hazards, workers often rely on things like temporary structures, like scaffolding. In fact, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, nearly two-thirds of … READ MORE
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