A Cautionary Tale About Scaffolding Violations
In our last post, we highlighted some of the basic, and necessary, steps that contractors must take to ensure workers’ safety when working on scaffolding. ...
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A Cautionary Tale About Scaffolding Violations
29 Apr 2016 | William J. Kropach
In our last post, we highlighted some of the basic, and necessary, steps that contractors must take to ensure workers’ safety when working on scaffolding. This is especially important given how often workers fall and the severity of the injuries that can be sustained. Further, the potential OSHA violations can form the legal basis for … READ MORE
Basic Steps For Preventing Scaffolding Injuries
27 Apr 2016 | William J. Kropach
With the commercial construction boom in Southern California expected to continue, it is increasingly important for builders to know and observe safety rules regarding scaffolds. Essentially, a trained, competent person must supervise workers who are completing projects while on scaffolds. While scaffolding is inherently dangerous, it is surprising how many people do not know how … READ MORE
There may be a stigma that workers’ compensation claims may not be genuine, which may lead to companies contesting them because they believe the injuries reported may not be actual harms suffered while on the job. A recent indication of this was revealed through a L.A. Times.com article highlighting the work comp claims of firefighters … READ MORE
Employers Could See Lower Insurance Premiums
12 Apr 2016 | William J. Kropach
There is always pressure to reduce costs in California’s workers’ compensation system. Whether it is for businesses, employees or those who work within the system (i.e. investigators, outside attorneys, medical providers) groups are always vying to save money on costs. The state’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau proposed a reductionin insurance premiums that employers would … READ MORE
As we have noted in prior posts, workers’ compensation is supposed to help injured workers meet their financial obligations while they recover from their injuries and cannot work. The benefits stemming from these claims are based on a formula that assigns a particular monetary amount for each type of injury. But for those people who … READ MORE
DOL Reporting Program Provides Good Lessons
1 Apr 2016 | William J. Kropach
Indeed, the main goal of California’s workers’ compensation code is to ensure that injured workers are able to meet their financial obligations while they are unable to work due to work related injuries. However, an important part of the work comp industry is preventing accidents. To that end, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) began … READ MORE
The primary purpose of workers’ compensation is to help injured workers make ends meet while they recover from injuries stemming from on-the-job accidents. In most cases, this includes the payment of funds to offset a worker’s losses caused by the inability to earn an income. Additionally, they may receive medical or rehabilitative services to help … READ MORE
It’s been a few years since we last heard the catchphrase “there’s an app for that.” It is likely because so many apps have been created in the years since the first Iphone was introduced that there is literally a smartphone app for everything. After all, who knew that apps for Uber and Ibotta would … READ MORE
Under California law, the workers’ compensation code is essentially the exclusive way for injured workers to seek damages against an employer for injuries suffered in the course of one’s employment. Indeed, there are limited exceptions that allow injured workers to brink negligence claims against employers, but there are a number of instances where employers attempt … READ MORE
Workplace accidents that result in a person’s death are tragic enough. The loved ones that a worker leaves behind after such an accident may have an even tougher time moving on. After all, the emotional connection that the family had with a worker killed on the job is difficult (if not impossible) to sever. Because … READ MORE