The Benefits Of Workers' Compensation In California | Law Offices Of William J. Kropach
If the Californians were injured in a workplace accident, the employer is required by law to provide workers’ compensation. Contact attorneys who are able to protect one’s rights.
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Californians work all kinds of different jobs in California. Some are more dangerous than others. Californians who work construction or industrial jobs involving heavy machinery are more prone to injuries, but people can be hurt at any type of job. These injuries can be very devastating for the victim. Depending on the severity of the … READ MORE
The workers’ compensation system is supposed to provide a means for injured employees to maintain an income while they heal from their injuries, as well as provide compensation for employees who can no longer work because of severe injuries. In many cases, the legal basis for compensation is plain and obvious. In others, it can … READ MORE
Don Blankenship, former CEO of Massey Energy, was recently found guilty of conspiring to violate mine safety standards while avoiding conviction on more serious charges. The charges are related to the Upper Big Branch Mine explosion that happened in West Virginia in 2010. 29 miners were killed in that explosion. It was the deadliest mining … READ MORE