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At the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, a Los Angeles workplace injury attorney William Kropach can guide you through the process and ensure that you are treated fairly. He wants to make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your injury or illness.
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We know that getting hurt at work is not something you spend much time thinking about, that is until it happens. If you have been injured at work, you are not alone. Last year there were nearly three million workplace illness or injuries reported to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most of the time, we … READ MORE
We know that this is never something you wanted to be dealing with. If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another person, you need to know where to turn for help. At the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, out knowledgeable and experienced team understands the area of law behind … READ MORE
Accidents in the workplace are not uncommon. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us that there were 2.8 million workplace illnesses and injuries reported in 2017. While most of these are minor incidents, there are plenty of workplace accidents that are serious and require major medical care. Regardless of whether a workplace incident … READ MORE
What Does Emotional Stress Look Like?
24 Nov 2018 | William J. Kropach
Employers are looking for workers with real commitment. The easiest way to show commitment is through working as many hours as possible through the week and making yourself as accessible to your job as humanly possible. We do this because we want our job to know that we are devoted workers who are willing to … READ MORE
6 Common On the Job Injuries
23 Nov 2018 | William J. Kropach
Every job requires both mental and physical activity. Some jobs require more mental than physical or vice versa. Regardless of where you job lies in the spectrum, your ability to be injured on the job is just the same; it just may look different. Typical on the job injuries look like falling or straining something. … READ MORE
If your employer says “IDGAF about your GAF score,” and you have no clue what he/she is talking about, you definitely need legal help from a Los Angeles stress-related injuries attorney. A GAF (Global Assessment of Function) score is used to evaluate the severity of a worker’s psychiatric injury. The GAF score is required to … READ MORE
Has your employer ever mockingly asked you, “Are you blind?” when you could not see something that was obvious to him or her. And now you are having vision problems or eye injury, caused or aggravated by your job, and your employer will have to pay out workers’ compensation benefits. Oh, the irony! Eye injuries, … READ MORE
Vineyard Worker Killed By Harvesting Machine
10 Nov 2018 | William J. Kropach
When we go to work each day, we expect the work environment to be safe and free from hazards that could harm us. Yes, some jobs are more dangerous than others, but even with riskier jobs, we know that our employers take the steps necessary to keep us safe. Sometimes, though, other people’s negligence ends … READ MORE
Tesla Used Lyft Instead Of Ambulances For Workers
9 Nov 2018 | William J. Kropach
It seems like each week we hear new stories about the horrors of working in a Tesla factory. Whether it is unsafe working conditions, low pay, or a high-stress environment, Tesla has its work cut out for it. Now, we have heard that the company used the ridesharing service Lyft to transport patients to the … READ MORE
We want to bring you a story from earlier in the year because is highlight some news that was just released from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It happened in Los Angeles when four construction workers fell about 30 feet down an elevator shaft while on the construction site. The men, ranging from 45 … READ MORE