Making False Statements In A Workers' Comp Claim: Is It REALLY Worth The Risk?
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Every other week or so, media outlets in California report on someone getting caught for making false statements in their workers’ compensation claim and being charged with fraud. So is it really worth the risk? If you are thinking about obtaining workers’ comp benefits and/or social security benefits fraudulently or dishonestly, you have come to … READ MORE
After you have been injured in the workplace, obtaining workers’ compensation benefits will not be as easy as you think. In the process of filing a workers’ comp claim, you will have to prove that the extent of your injury or illness and the way it affects your work-related activities qualify for workers’ comp benefits. … READ MORE
“There is something fishy about this workers’ compensation claim, is he/she trying to fabricate a claim to receive benefits?” this is the thought that crosses the minds of many employers in Los Angeles, Van Nuys and all across California. Why? Because many injured employees make certain mistakes that make their workers’ compensation claims look fraudulent … READ MORE
If you have suffered a workplace injury that resulted in an impairment or disability, you are most likely pursuing social security benefits (if you aren’t, then you definitely should). But as you have begun filling out all the information necessary to notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) about your impairment or disability and determine if … READ MORE
Work Can Affect Your Physical AND Mental Health
11 Aug 2018 | William J. Kropach
“Companies are facing an employee burnout crisis” the headline reads in this CNBC report. A Gallup study found that 23 percent of workers reported feeling burned out at work very often or always. They go on to say that job burnout costs an estimated $125 to $190 billion in healthcare spending each year. It also … READ MORE
Work Shouldn’t Be Your Nightmare
10 Aug 2018 | William J. Kropach
Tesla has come under fire lately, and not only because of the antics of their CEO. They’ve had many reports of safety issues at their factories, especially as they rush to produce their Model 3 sedan. They say they’ve reduced the injury rate by 10 percent this year and cut down on serious injuries as … READ MORE
It seems like everyone unanimously agrees that you need a workers comp attorney, but have you ever wondered why? How can an attorney actually help you obtain workers comp benefits for your on-the-job injuries or illness? And what better way to answer these questions than to ask a lawyer? That is why we invited our … READ MORE
What Can I Do to Prevent a Workplace Injury?
3 Aug 2018 | William J. Kropach
When you arrive at work in the morning each day do you think about safety? Do you think about how you can prevent an injury? Do you worry that something at work can injure you? There aren’t many people who think about these things when they go to work each day. Those that do typically … READ MORE
Spotting the Warning Signs of Orthopedic Injuries
28 Jul 2018 | William J. Kropach
Orthopedic injuries are quite common in the workplace, especially if you routinely stand, walk, or lift items. These injuries could lead to surgery, rehabilitation, and quite a lot of time out of work. You never know when you might suffer such an injury but you can be on the lookout for the signs associated with … READ MORE
Reporting an Injury Suffered on the Job
27 Jul 2018 | William J. Kropach
Being injured on the job is scary. You will likely begin thinking about how much time you will miss and if your employer will hold your job while you are laid up recovering. This is normal to go through such a thought process. One thing you should never forget is that you need to report … READ MORE