Workers Losing Days Because Of Stress
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Workers Losing Days Because Of Stress
2 Nov 2018 | William J. Kropach
Does stress at work have consequences? I think we all know the answer to that question is – yes. What we may not realize is just how detrimental it is. According to a Quartz article, our workplaces can be toxic because of stress and the related physiological affects it can have on our bodies. Why … READ MORE
Worker Falls To Construction Danger
27 Oct 2018 | William J. Kropach
Dangers from falling at a construction site are the most frequent hazard cited by federal investigators. This is according to the new numbers released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Falls can happen in many different ways, but according to this article, the predominance of these fall hazards continues a long trend in the … READ MORE
Los Angeles is many things to many people, including a place for sports fans. Whether you love the Dodgers, Lakers, Rams, or Chargers, we know one thing – injuries happen to the people playing those sports, just like injuries happen in regular jobs. When a sports star gets hurt, they do not have to worry … READ MORE
Wearing Down the Worker
20 Oct 2018 | William J. Kropach
We like to ask children what they want to be when they grow up, all the time. Most commonly we hear them restate jobs their parents have or they say things like policeman, fireman, ballerinas, or doctors. They can see these jobs. They see them reflected in their toys or in their TV shows. These … READ MORE
Stress Injuries are Real Injuries
19 Oct 2018 | William J. Kropach
We love to work. America is one of the leading countries of employees who are taking less and less vacation. We have always been a proud nation boasting a strong work ethic, but sometimes are behaviors lead to stressors that are hazardous to our health. In recent study from the US Travel Association Project Time … READ MORE
What Not to Do After an on the Job Injury
13 Oct 2018 | William J. Kropach
In adult life, the majority of the week is spent in the workplace. No matter the job, people expect to show-up, perform their duties, and leave. Unfortunately, sometimes the routine is broken by a workplace injury. While nobody should expect an on the job injury, everybody should be prepared for one. Knowing what to do, … READ MORE
Understanding Death Claims in Los Angeles
12 Oct 2018 | William J. Kropach
The grief after losing a loved one unexpectedly can cause unimaginable pain. Considering the loss of companionship, love, and support, surviving the aftermath of the death of a loved one requires enduring severe emotional stress. Unfortunately, in most deaths caused by accidents, families are left with financial stress on top of everything else. Making a … READ MORE
Injuries Come in All Shapes and Sizes
6 Oct 2018 | William J. Kropach
When people think of workers compensation they think of broken bones or catastrophic events, but in reality, the injuries are small and chronic. Orthopedic injuries are common in careers in the medical field, retail, service industry, and desk jobs. Our Orthopedic Injury Lawyers at Kropach & Kropach in Los Angeles are experts in these kinds … READ MORE
Stress Knows No Bounds
5 Oct 2018 | William J. Kropach
Technology is a beauty and a beast. It helps us communicate better and streamlines work that would another wise take too long. It’s a beast because it means that we are committed to our work 24/7. Email checking, instant messaging, and uploading material to social media takes a toll on a person. There’s a difference … READ MORE
Orthopedic Injuries: Health Workers At Risk
29 Sep 2018 | William J. Kropach
Work related injuries vary depending on the kind of job you have. It is still a common misconception that work injuries deal more with blue collar jobs like construction or manufacturing companies because those workers deal with heavy machinery and risky environments. However, work related injuries don’t always happen in jobs with big machines or … READ MORE