California Restaurant Fails To Insure Employees
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We came across this story in December that we want to share with you because it highlights some of the ways that employers can hurt employees when it comes to insurance. A California pizza restaurant found itself in trouble and was ordered to pay fines for two labor code violations. The violations centered around the … READ MORE
6 Steps To Filing Workers Compensation
8 Feb 2019 | William J. Kropach
If you work at any job that requires heavy labor then you should know about workers compensation insurance. In California, it is mandatory for businesses to have this insurance as well tell employees there options if they need to file a workers compensation claim. Our workers compensation lawyers in California at the Law Offices of … READ MORE
The significance of Stress-Related Injuries
2 Feb 2019 | William J. Kropach
Stress is a normal thing that everyone has to deal with on a daily basis. Life stress is more than enough to deal with, but when you have stress at your job and in real life it can be truly unbearable. Our Stress Related Injury Attorneys at The Law Offices of Kropach and Kropach in … READ MORE
What To Do With An Injury On The Job?
1 Feb 2019 | William J. Kropach
Every job has a risk of injury. Even more white collar jobs like those who sit and type all day or those who work more one on one with clients. Getting injured on the job doesn’t mean that you are not eligible for getting workers compensation just because the risk was there already. Imagine if … READ MORE
You have most likely heard how your coworkers complained about being stressed out due to work, or you may be one of those workers who believe that they have a work-related stress or psychiatric injury. Most workers who think they have a work-related psychiatric injury tend to exaggerate the severity of the problem. In fact, … READ MORE
Advances in technology and the ever-growing importance of the Internet in our lives has had a predictable impact on our jobs. Nowadays, the vast majority of workers in California earn a living by using a computer to a greater or lesser extent. And contrary to the popular belief, physical laborers such as construction workers are … READ MORE
Getting injured on the job is a set back for everyone involved. As a worker, it is a set back because you are now having to take time off of work in order to recover from your injury. A catastrophic injury can literally change your life. Then there is your family to consider. Your family … READ MORE
Do I Need a Death Claim Attorney?
18 Jan 2019 | William J. Kropach
In short, yes. If you are dealing with the death of a loved one and you are seeking financial compensation via a workers compensation claim, then it is absolutely necessary and advised that you seek a Death Claim Attorney. If someone you love died while on the job then you don’t need the stress of … READ MORE
We are more than two weeks into 2019, which means it’s just about time to review the most significant changes to California’s workers’ compensation system in 2018. The previous year brought quite a few changes and developments. Our workers compensation attorney Los Angeles CA from Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach cannot stop praising some … READ MORE
Our Los Angeles on the job injuries attorney is often asked, “Should I report minor workplace injuries to my employer in California?” The answer seems quite obvious – at least to many employees in our state it does. “What’s the point?” they think. Let our workers compensation attorneys at Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach … READ MORE