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Are you injured on the job? Contact an on the job injury attorney who will provide you with the guidance and excellent legal services you need to obtain compensation for your injuries. Call our workplace injury attorney in Los Angeles at Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach.
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There’s nothing more fulfilling than an honest day’s work. Going to place of employment each day to earn a piece of the American dream gives men and women a sense of pride and accomplishment.

But in a blink of an eye, a workplace injury could forever change their financial and physical outlook.

Numerous Californian workers experience harrowing workplace accidents, some which they may never recover from. They can be as simple as slipping and twisting an ankle, to death by being pinched in machinery. At the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, we have 40 years of worker’s rights protection available to those that seek justice when employers failed to respond to their injuries.

Our head Los Angeles on the job injuries attorney, who is also a Worker’s Compensation specialist, understands employment is everything to all men and women, some who’ve come from states far away to enjoy the many amenities the Golden State has to offer.

We Fight Employers Denying You Benefits

The ‘exclusive remedy rule’ applies to employers in California. This rule stipulates that employees cannot directly file suit against their employers for injuries sustained while working on their premises. Because of this controversial rule, filing Workers Compensation claims is often the only remedy injured employees have.

To initiate Worker’s Compensation action, an injured employee must first notify their employer immediately. The worker should also notate date and time which supervisor was notified, in case record of injury reporting isn’t provided to the employee. Shortly thereafter, you’re encouraged to contact the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, who can handle filing your claim and further communicate with your employer.

From there, little is required of you. Our Los Angeles on the job injuries attorney will handle communication between all responsible parties to assure your claim is filed and benefits are provided in a timely manner.

But what if Worker’s Compensation benefits are not enough?

In certain situations, our attorneys can file lawsuits against responsible third parties, provided those parties aren’t your employer directly. Upon successful filing of a suit, we may be able to secure additional benefits that Worker’s Compensation doesn’t provide. This includes future wages, medical bill reimbursement, even loss of consortium if loved ones are being deprived of the standard of living you once provided.

Trial Tested. Employee Approved.

Our commitment to recovering compensation for injured employees is unwavering. We stand by each and every worker in California who is injured by employer negligence, then denied benefits they’re expecting to protect their income.

The Los Angeles on the job injuries attorney should be competent, compassionate, and possess enough resources to bring results. That’s why our law office accepts no money from clients until victim’s cases are settled favorably. That means we front all costs related to fact finding, collecting professional opinions and any travel to and from your employer and court.

We’re trial tested, and employee approved. We’re the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, and if there are Worker’s Compensation benefits to be recovered, you can count on our office to find them.